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Defending Angels is the second adult book credited to Mary Stanton but the 38th the author has written under various pen names. Behind this name, of course, hides the author of the Hemlock Falls mysteries which were published under the name of Claudia Bishop. As Mary Stanton, the author promises to give readers a better insight into her more whimsical and also mysterious side.

Defending Angels is the first offering of a Beaufort & Company mystery series. Bree Beaufort, southern lawyer with a temper, takes over her uncle’s law practice in Savannah. Renting a temporary office space in an old murderers’ cemetery, she is soon treated to visions of the paranormal. In addition, her crack office staff seems quite otherworldly as well. What gets the ball of the action rolling is the call of the first client — scant hours after his death.

Charged to find her client’s killer, stop his haunting of assorted coworkers, and also bring peace to her own mind, Bree entangles herself in real as well as otherworldly dangers. Yet with her office staff and some help from assorted acquaintances and family members, she has a good chance at bringing the case to a close. What will this mean for the future of her client list?

Defending Angels is the beginning of a delightful new mystery series that contains just the right mix of the supernatural to appeal to both mystery lovers and paranormal fiction readers. This is not one of the cozies that make for some mundane reading, but instead it is a mix of hilarity, heart stopping danger, and clever story telling.

The main character appeals to anyone who loves a strong heroine who will stand up for the little guy — dead or alive — and not take no for an answer. It also offers some great laughs at the expense of the quintessential image of the ambulance chasing lawyer. This is a quick read, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and you will have a hard time waiting for the second installment of the series to come out.

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Defending Angels: Bitten by Books Defending Angels has every element needed that makes for a great story…this…is going on my ‘must keep’ pile.”

Imagine this: You are new in town, ready to take on your late uncle’s law firm, and totally gung ho about it. You finally find a place to set up your temporary office. Unfortunately it is in the middle of a cemetery that has only murderers buried in it, and your landlady seems a bit eccentric but hey! At least the rent is cheap. You finally hire two intelligent assistants who seem to be relatively sane. Then voila, you receive that first call from someone (and not just any someone, mind you, but one of the biggest and meanest tycoons in the state) who wants you to represent them. The only problem is, when you immediately call him back, you find out that he’s been dead for hours. What would you think?

Brianna Winston Beaufort (but please call her “Bree”) thinks it is nothing more than a practical joke brought on by her ex-boyfriend. It just HAS to be. Either that, or everyone around her is completely crazy or it is just her that is losing it.

Bree has to figure things out before she goes mad with frustration. Who are these people she has surrounded herself with? Why are they telling her to take on dead people as clients? Why have her nightmares been coming back? And why is that painting of the cormorant coming to life? What secrets had her uncle been keeping from her about his clientèle? She begins to think that maybe it would be best if she did not bother taking on her uncle’s firm.

Defending Angels has every element needed that makes for a great story. The words will captivate you while the story will haunt you. There were so many elements to this story that simply cannot be expressed without giving away too many details. Simply put this is a book that is going on my “must keep” pile.

— Lyda, Bitten By Books

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Defending Angels: Fresh Fiction “Packed with Southern charm and spooky foreshadowing that will delight readers.”

Brianna Winston Beaufort, Bree to her friends and family, makes the move to Savannah, Georgia, after inheriting her uncle’s law practice. Unable to move into her uncle’s offices, which were damaged in the fire that killed him, she finds the perfect location for her temporary office. The rent is reasonable, perhaps because the old house is located in the middle of an all-murders’ cemetery, but Bree is charmed by the house and by her landlady — and intrigued by the location. Something sinister is at work, however, and on her first day in residence, Bree rescues an abused dog. After getting the dog she’s named Sasha much-needed medical attention, Bree finds she’s unable to abandon him, instead taking him home with her. There’s more to Sasha than meets the eye and the animal becomes her protector. And with her first case, Bree discovers she needs a protector — and more.

Benjamin Skinner has contacted Bree on her brand-new cell phone, a gift from her law professor, and demands she call him to work on a case. It turns out the case is Skinner’s own murder, and the call came through after he was killed. However, all witnesses and the local medical examiner have stated the man suffered a heart attack and drowned. Skinner’s business partner hires Bree to find Skinner’s killer, so he will stop haunting her. Despite the unusual aspects, Bree is eager to get started on the case, aided by her two new office workers, Ron and Petru, her landlady Lavinia, the mysterious PI Gabe Striker, the faithful Sasha and local cop Sam Hunter. But someone, or something, doesn’t want the case investigated, and it will take all Bree has, and perhaps some divine intervention, to get to the bottom of this otherworldly mystery.

DEFENDING ANGELS, the first in the Beaufort & Company mystery series by Mary Stanton, is packed with Southern charm and spooky foreshadowing that will delight readers. With many surreal moments peppered throughout, the premise of this story is unique and intriguing, keeping the reader on edge as the mystery unfolds in surprising directions. Bree is the picture of Southern gentility with a backbone of pure steel. She accepts the unacceptable and believes the unbelievable with a charming unflappability. Her support system of family and coworkers is intriguing and humorous, lending much to the story. I really enjoyed the twists and turns of DEFENDING ANGELS and look forward to the next Beaufort & Company mystery with eager anticipation.

— Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction

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Defending Angels: Suspense Magazine “Bree and her unconventional employees are impossible to resist.”

“Imagine…you’ve been given a new lease on life…an amazing opportunity in a new city, with new clients…a fresh start. Everything a young attorney could hope for and more and it should be perfect until Brianna Winston-Beaufort is required to learn an entirely new version of the law to defend her first client…Celestial Law. Mary Stanton brings a unique mixture of charm and quirkiness in her newest debut series, Beaufort & Company Mysteries, with the launch of Defending Angels. Bree and her unconventional employees are impossible to resist.”

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Defending Angels: Romantic Times “Witty, charming, and briskly paced, this unique tale of angels and murder has to make [Stanton] a star in the paranormal mystery genre.”


So says Romantic Times about Defending Angels, naming Mary’s newest novel pick of the month with a four-and-a-half star review!

Here’s what RT critic Pat Cooper had to say:

Stanton presents one of the most intellectually classy paranormal mysteries to come along in some time. Witty, charming, and briskly paced, this unique tale of angels and murder has to make her a star in the paranormal mystery genre. The tale grabs you from the first page and plunges you into the lyrically eccentric Southern charm of a haunted city.

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