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This is such a neat favorite of mine series. It’s a great example of the paranormal mystery genre. I love the characters, the premise of a human working with angels to help people who might have been wrongly put in the nether reaches of the afterlife.
This one had a lot of twists and turns as much as it showed the evolution of Bree in her new role as an advocate. She enjoys what she’s doing, even if it causes sleepless nights and haunted law offices.

There is not as much scary stuff as in the past two books in the series. The first one scared the bejeezus out of me, the second one eased up and this one is only a weensy bit scarey. It’s more about the relationship Bree has with her sister and her angels and her clients.

I really enjoyed this read and can’t wait til the next one, ANGEL’S VERDICT, out next year. Five angel beans….
Vixen’s Daily Reads

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Avenging Angels: Fresh Fiction “Mary Stanton has taken an unusual premise and given it wings!”

Brianna Winston-Beaufort is not your ordinary lawyer. Sure she went through law school, and has the paper to prove it, but it’s her clientele that sets Bree apart from the norm. Her clients are all dead.

Bree inherited her bizarre practice of representing the dead from her great-uncle, and represents the recently dead in Celestial Court with their appeals to get into Heaven. Her latest client, banker Russell O’Rourke, supposedly committed suicide and is appealing his placement in one of the circles of hell.

But something’s not quite right with O’Rourke’s appeal and Bree and her staff of angels must track down the real reason for the banker’s death. All the clues keep coming back to the area around the enormous desk through which O’Rourke first contacted Bree, but first Bree must handle her eccentric family, their even more eccentric friends, and the widow O’Rourke herself before she can ever get down to the actual case itself.

Avenging Angels: A Beaufort & Company Mystery is the third book in Mary Stanton’s paranormal legal series, and it is as intriguing and exciting as the first two books, Angel’s Advocate and Defending Angels. However, readers really should be familiar with the re-occurring cast of characters in order to keep everyone straight throughout the story. Stanton does provide a listing of characters at the beginning of the book, which is helpful.

I loved the idea of a Celestial Court and angels looking out for us both in this life and in the next. Set in Savannah, it was also interesting reading about the beautiful Southern city and its many charming aspects. Mary Stanton has taken an unusual premise and given it wings.

— Sharon Galligar Chance, Fresh Fiction

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Avenging Angels: Mystery Scene “Stanton’s narrative is out of this world! Verdict: excellent!”

The perfect conclusion for a column entitled “Very Original” is Mary Stanton’s Avenging Angels (Berkley Prime Crime, $7.99). This is the third in the Beaufort & Company Series although Stanton is no newcomer to mystery writing, having written numerous entries in the Hemlock Falls series under the name of Claudia Bishop. Savannah, Georgia, isn’t Hemlock Falls, though, and in its supernaturally bizarre manner it offers relocated attorney Brianna Winston-Beaufort a highly appreciative, albeit deceased, clientelle. Bree’s late great uncle bequeathed to her his boutique law firm, with its unique practice niche: representing clients in the appellate Celestial Court system. Talk about courts of last resort!

In Avenging Angels Bree takes on the case of a banker who allegedly committed suicide after a financial debacle. You will need to read the book to fully fathom author Stanton’s ingenuity with plot, but trust me, her narrative is out of this world. While nothing could convince me to take any of Bree’s cases on a contingency fee, her preternatural abilities with the supernatural render her the perfect representative for the downtrodden dead. Give this very original series a trial read. Verdict: excellent!

— Lynne F. Marshall, Mystery Scene

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Avenging Angels: The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews “An engaging tale…fans will enjoy this still unique quirky angelic spin on the afterlife.”

When Brianna Winston-Beaufort took over her late Uncle Franklin’s Savannah law practice Beaufort & Company, she had no idea what she let herself in for as she works legal matters in the Celestial Court. Her clients are typically spirits and her assistance angels as she is the only mortal (and lawyer) who can enter 66 Angelus St.

Her current case is a suicide victim banker Russell O’Rourke who allegedly killed himself due to the recession leading to his bankruptcy and shame. Although she struggles with the lack of a law library on line, Bree knows the heavenly law about killing one’s self. However, she with Sasha her angelic guard dog at her side and her assistant angels investigate only to find Russell’s widow euphoric with his death. As she begins to wonder if Russell’s is a victim of a homicide, someone wants Bree needing a lawyer defending her in Celestial Court before she learns the truth of how Russell died.

The latest Beaufort paranormal legal thriller is an engaging tale due to a strong cast starting with the lead attorney. The story line is fast-paced on earth and in court as Bree and company investigate the suspicious death of Russell as well as appeal his sentencing in the heavenly court. Although similar in tone to the previous two defending their lives entries (see Angel’s Advocate and Defending Angels), fans will enjoy this still unique quirky angelic spin on the afterlife.

— Harriet Klausner, The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

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Avenging Angels: Romantic Times “A gem…Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds!”

“Stanton’s third Beaufort & Company mystery is a gem. It’s an original and thought-provoking concept, and Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds. Her characters — both dead and alive — are ones you want to spend time with and get to know better.” — Romantic Times (4-1/2 stars)

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