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Many people consider lawyers two-faced, but in Brianna “Bree” Winston-Beaufort’s case, her law practice really is divided in two. Her “day” gig pays the bills and funds her “other” job as the celestial advocate pleading for the souls of her clients otherwise condemned to Hell. Bree receives a visit from elderly actress Justine Coville, who says that she’d like to update her will. But before she leaves, she shares with Bree that she thinks that someone is trying to injure her on the set of Bitter Tide, a movie being made about the murder of Savannah’s infamous 1950s B-actress Haydee Quinn.

Justine is playing the role of Consuelo Bulloch, and is using one of Consuelo’s brooches to help her feel a connection to the character. But when Bree touches the brooch, she senses that Consuelo wants her help. Not sure what she can do to help either of them, Bree takes both cases, and soon discovers that both her earthly and “spiritual” clients have even more in common than she’d first thought.

During the investigation Bree is introduced to an outcast angel, Dent, who is really one of two detectives from the original case. He needs to seek forgiveness for arresting the man wrongfully convicted and executed for the murder. Between the two of them, the sleuthing duo manages to determine the real killer’s identity, but will it be too late to save Justine as well as help Consuelo and Dent achieve their heavenly reward?

Angel’s Verdict, author Mary Stanton’s fourth novel in her Beaufort and Company Mystery series, is a lively, fast-paced story that will thrill and chill readers as they race through the pages to find out “who dun it.” Stanton’s creative storytelling is flawless and her inclusion of a spiritual aspect to her mysteries gives the series the novelty edge that pushes them to the forefront of favorite cozy mysteries.
— Sharon Galligar Chance, Fresh Fiction

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Angel's Verdict: Cozy Library “Brianna Winston-Beaufort is a singular mystery heroine. I’ve enjoyed this series from the start.”

Brianna Winston-Beaufort is a singular mystery heroine. A lawyer in Savannah, Georgia — reputed to be the most haunted city in America — she has two parallel practices (from two different offices) that occasionally intersect. One is a run-of-the-mill “temporal” practice; in the other she pleads cases in the “celestial court,” saving clients from one of the circles of hell if she can.

In Angel’s Verdict, a temporal client is Justine Coville, an aging movie actress hired to play the role of a woman (Consuela Bulloch) who may or may not have murdered a young woman in 1950s Savannah. The victim, actress Haydee Quinn, was murdered and a man she knew was executed for the crime. But doubts have been swirling around ever since. Bree winds up hip-deep in the case of an old murder, putting herself in peril. She has the assistance of her celestial helpers, who are amazingly efficient at helping her get to the truth.

I’ve enjoyed this series from the start. I love the idea that Bree’s celestial practice is located in a all murderers’ cemetery at 666 Angelus — a street that, not surprisingly, you’ll not find on a map of Savannah. Angel’s Verdict is well written, with an intriguing premise, an interesting plot — a satisfying yet quick read.
Cozy Library

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Angel's Verdict: Romantic Times “The latest Beaufort & Company mystery is sure to please series fans and newcomers alike.”

The latest Beaufort & Company mystery is sure to please series fans and newcomers alike. Stanton has penned a tale that will keep the reader’s interest to the very end and even experienced mystery readers will say, “Didn’t see that coming!” at critical points. Larger-than-life characters—human and temporal—infuse the story with humor and empathy. (4 stars)
— Rhomylly Forbes, Romantic Times

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