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Stantons Beaufort & Company Mystery series features Brianna Bree Winston-Beaufort, the oldest daughter of a wealthy, eccentric South Carolina family, who inherits a haunted law firm smack dab in the middle of a graveyard in Savannah, Georgia. In Angels Advocate (Berkley Prime Crime, ISBN: 978-0425228753, $7.99) Bree is back to business unusual at Beaufort & Company. With her most peculiar (a.k.a. dead) clientele and her anything-but-angelic staff, Bree finds that moneys a bit tight at Beaufort & Company. After all, while the dead certainly need Brees help in appealing to a higher court, theyre not exactly paying clients. Bree finally lands a case to help pay the bills when she is hired to represent Lindsey Chandler, a spoiled teenager accused of stealing a Girl Scouts cookie money. But this isnt exactly a case of petty theft, since Lindsey allegedly tried to run over said Girl Scout with her Hummer. And if that werent bad enough, Lindsey is anything but remorseful, making this case and Bree, by association the talk of Savannah. To her dismay, Bree soon finds that Lindsays deceased father, millionaire Probert Chandler, also needs her help to prove that his death was no accident. Caught between defending the living and the dead, Bree finds herself in extraordinary circumstances. But this time, Bree finds some extraordinary danger along the way. Will Bree finally learn how to make a living off the living? Or will the cases of this unsavory father/daughter duo lead Bree and Beaufort & Company to a dead end? Set in Savannah, Georgia, the worlds most haunted city, Angels Advocate is a charming, inventive and wildly entertaining tale. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly calls Defending Angels, book one of the Beaufort & Company mystery series, Engaging and charismatic. A breath of fresh air for fans of paranormal cozy mysteries. Mary Stanton divides her time between an 850-head goat farm in upstate New York, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Angels Advocate is her thirty-fourth novel. Angels Advocate will be available nationwide on June 2, 2009. 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