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Mary Stanton: Books by Mary Stanton:
  1. Mary's Books : Magical Mysteries

    1. Next Door Witch
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    2. Next Door Witch

      ISBN/AISN: 0425159051
      July 1997

      When Natalie and Denny first showed up to work at Pegasus Farms, they thought Zeuxippe Smith might be a witch. Now they know she’s a witch—Zeuxippe’s cat and horse have magically talked to Denny and begged to be rescued.

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    1. White Magic
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    2. White Magic

      ISBN/AISN: 0425159043
      July 1997

      Amanda is only the best rider at Stillmeadow Farms. She has an awesome chance to be the first African–American to qualify at the upcoming Olympic trials. Natalie would do anything to be on the Olympic equestrian team— even use Denny’s magic to change her cute little mare into an Olympic champion.

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    1. My Aunt, The Monster
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    2. My Aunt, the Monster

      ISBN/AISN: 0425152278
      July 1997

      The first book in a new series of weird and wacky fantasy adventures for boys and girls.

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  2. The Beaufort and Company Mysteries
    1. Angel Condemned, the fifth Beaufort & Company Mystery
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    2. Angel Condemned

      The fifth novel in the Beaufort & Company Mystery series. In stores now!

      “The intrepid heroine deals with nasty demons, haughty nephilim and evil with aplomb as if that is an everyday occurrence. She anchors the whimsical paranormal tale with solid footing in two realms, but then again she has friends in high places.” — The Mystery Gazette

    1. Angel's Verdict by Mary Stanton
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    2. Angel's Verdict

      The fourth book in the acclaimed Beaufort and Company Mystery series — out now!

      “The latest Beaufort & Company mystery is sure to please series fans and newcomers alike. Stanton has penned a tale that will keep the reader’s interest to the very end and even experienced mystery readers will say, ‘Didn’t see that coming!’ at critical points. Larger-than-life characters—human and temporal—infuse the story with humor and empathy.” — Romantic Times (4 stars)

    1. Avenging Angels
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    2. Avenging Angels

      “Stanton’s third Beaufort & Company mystery is a gem. It’s an original and thought-provoking concept, and Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds. Her characters — both dead and alive — are ones you want to spend time with and get to know better.” — Romantic Times (4-1/2 stars)

      The third book in the series! On sale now!

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    2. Angel's Advocate

      “Another fabulous entry in the paranormal Beaufort & Company series…a very enjoyable and fast paced novel that is filled with unconventional characters…definitely one of the top ten books of the year!”
      The Baryon Review of Books

    1. Defending Angels
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    2. Defending Angels

      “Intriguing and wholly different and original. I was hooked from page one. Defending Angels is at once charming, erudite and chilling. This book should give Mary Stanton the same kind of cult following usually reserved for Charlaine Harris!”
      — Rhys Bowen, award-winning author of The Molly Murphy Mysteries and Her Royal Spyness

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