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Mary Stanton: The Beaufort & Company Mystery Series
  1. The Beaufort & Company Mysteries

    Mary Stanton's Beaufort & Company Mysteries


    Law school hasn’t prepared Savannah lawyer Brianna Winston Beaufort to appeal cases for the dead.

    After inheriting her great-uncle’s haunted law firm, Beaufort & Company, Bree finds herself with a long list of ethereal clients who need her help.

    In the series debut, Defending Angels, an already dead businessman needs Bree’s help to find his murderer and prove his innocence against the charge of greed, which comes from the mightiest hand of the law, the Celestial Court. The verdict in this case could put Bree’s life on the line—as well as her client’s afterlife.

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    The follow-up, Angel’s Advocate, finds Bree trying to pay the bills by representing a spoiled girl who stole someone’s Girl Scout cookie money. But soon enough she finds that her client’s departed millionaire father needs help too. Can she help an unsavory father/daughter duo and make a living off of the living?

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    Third in the series is Avenging Angels. This time her dead client is ex-banker O’Rourke, who supposedly killed himself after losing a fortune. But with a merry widow and evidence mounting, it’s beginning to look like murder. So Bree and her team of angels begin to investigate. But Bree soon discovers that someone would rather see her deceased than debriefed.

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    Coming February 1, 2010, Mary Stanton’s newest installment in the series is Angel’s Verdict. Three months after taking over her great-uncle Franklin’s law practice, celestial advocate Brianna Winston-Beaufort is eager to set aside handling appeals for condemned souls and get back to practicing law in the usual earthly way. But when elderly actress Justine Coville walks into Beaufort & Company’s Bay Street office to make changes in her will, she drags the unwilling Bree into an other-world of troubles.

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    Praise for the Beaufort & Company Mysteries

    “A lively, fast-paced story that will thrill and chill readers…Stanton’s creative storytelling is flawless!”

    “Brianna Winston-Beaufort is a singular mystery heroine. I’ve enjoyed this series from the start.”

    “The latest Beaufort & Company mystery is sure to please series fans and newcomers alike.”

    “A great example of the paranormal mystery genre!”

    “A fun read with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end.”

    “Mary Stanton has taken an unusual premise and given it wings!”

    “Stanton’s narrative is out of this world! Verdict: excellent!”

    “An engaging tale…fans will enjoy this still unique quirky angelic spin on the afterlife.”

    “A gem…Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds!”

    “Mary Stanton has a winner on her hands. She has a solid heroine and finely crafted plots with a growing cadre of interesting supporting characters. I eagerly await the next installment in this series.”

    “A very intriguing, impossible to put down mystery.”

    “The mixture of southern charm, the quirky cast of characters and suspense really works. The characters often had me laughing or shaking my head, but they were always entertaining!”

    “A wonderful and amusing mystery, full of characters that will make you want to cozy up with a cup of something hot and read all through the night!”

    “[Mary Stanton] does a great job of blending paranormal/angelic elements with the usual elements of a cozy mystery.”

    “Ms. Stanton’s latest is a delightful book, enjoyable from page one!”

    “A charming and enchanting paranormal cozy mystery… A must read for paranormal cozy mystery readers!”

    “Stanton has melded legal procedure, medieval philosophy, and theology into a fresh, unique, and ever-expanding world.”

    Angel’s Advocate is a sure-fire winner…fans like myself will be waiting on the edges of our seats for more of Bree Winston-Beaufort and her wonderful legal angels!”

    “Stanton packs this story with murder, mystery and suspense…an entertaining mystery with a dash of the unknown.”

    “A fresh series that should go far!”

    “Great new series from Mary Stanton…a very unique take on a cozy legal!”

    “This second installment in the Beaufort & Company mystery series is truly another keeper!”

    “Highly original and plain fun!”

    “A brilliantly plotted whodunit…I couldn’t put it down!”

    “Another fabulous entry in the paranormal Beaufort & Company series…definitely one of the top ten books of the year!”

    “The beginning of a delightful new mystery series…a thoroughly enjoyable experience!”

    Defending Angels has every element needed that makes for a great story…this…is going on my ‘must keep’ pile.”

    “Packed with Southern charm and spooky foreshadowing that will delight readers.”

    “Bree and her unconventional employees are impossible to resist.”

    “Witty, charming, and briskly paced, this unique tale of angels and murder has to make [Stanton] a star in the paranormal mystery genre.”

    “An erudite, supernatural murder mystery with a plot that is truly original…one of those books you can’t put down until you finish.”

    “Delightfully quirky…a captivating and whimsical mystery.”

    “A unique angle and smart plotting…a breath of fresh air for fans of paranormal cozy mysteries.”

  2. The Beaufort and Company Mysteries
    1. Angel Condemned, the fifth Beaufort & Company Mystery
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    2. Angel Condemned

      The fifth novel in the Beaufort & Company Mystery series. In stores now!

      “The intrepid heroine deals with nasty demons, haughty nephilim and evil with aplomb as if that is an everyday occurrence. She anchors the whimsical paranormal tale with solid footing in two realms, but then again she has friends in high places.” — The Mystery Gazette

    1. Angel's Verdict by Mary Stanton
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    2. Angel's Verdict

      The fourth book in the acclaimed Beaufort and Company Mystery series — out now!

      “The latest Beaufort & Company mystery is sure to please series fans and newcomers alike. Stanton has penned a tale that will keep the reader’s interest to the very end and even experienced mystery readers will say, ‘Didn’t see that coming!’ at critical points. Larger-than-life characters—human and temporal—infuse the story with humor and empathy.” — Romantic Times (4 stars)

    1. Avenging Angels
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    2. Avenging Angels

      “Stanton’s third Beaufort & Company mystery is a gem. It’s an original and thought-provoking concept, and Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds. Her characters — both dead and alive — are ones you want to spend time with and get to know better.” — Romantic Times (4-1/2 stars)

      The third book in the series! On sale now!

    1. Read reviews on GoodReads
    2. Angel's Advocate

      “Another fabulous entry in the paranormal Beaufort & Company series…a very enjoyable and fast paced novel that is filled with unconventional characters…definitely one of the top ten books of the year!”
      The Baryon Review of Books

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